Stalking Harry

I wrote this for 2010 Glompfest :)

Stalking Harry, Part One

"I don’t understand why you won’t give it another go with Ginny,” Ron complained. “You two made a great couple – and she misses you!”



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The Happy Place, Part One

Title: The Happy Place

Travel Destination: Whistler, Canada

Rating: PG-13

Pairing(s): Harry/Draco; implied Neville/Pansy; former Harry/Ginny and Draco/Astoria

Summary: When Ginny wants a trial separation, Harry takes the kids to Canada to ski, never expecting to meet his former rival there.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 5762

Author's Notes: This was fun, and although I’ve never been to Whistler, I’ve been to numerous ski resorts here in Colorado, and I enjoyed thinking of things I’d do if I had magic.  Thanks to Jocelyn (groolover ) for a wonderful beta job!  I appreciate it very much!

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I'm obviously an infrequent poster here -- but I will be adding my fest fics to the posts here soon.  Right now, my husband is having trouble with his computer monitor, so he borrowed mine -- which leaves me on my laptop.  which is fine, except that I don't have any of my fics stored on the laptop, so I have to transfer them.  I will try to be better about updated more often than just after the fests, though!  Thanks to all who read :)

Burning out the Dark, 3/9-10

Burning out the Dark, 3/9-10
AU, Harry/Draco
Starts after OOP
JKR owns them; I'm just having a little fun (not for profit)

Chapter Three

"What kind of informed choice?" Harry asked, his hands gripping the grass.  The sun fell completely behind the mountains, and the light around them changed in an instant to the magical twilight.

Arwen and Remus exchanged a glance.  Remus sighed.  "Maybe we should talk about that later.  Do you have any questions about what it means to be an Elf?"

Any questions?  Harry had more questions than he knew what to do with.  "How is being an Elf different from being a wizard?  Do I have to live here?  How many other relatives do I have?  If my dad turned away his heritage, what does that mean for me?  Why --"

Arwen cut him off, laughing.  "Well, that's good to know.  I'm glad you're curious, Harry.  Let's begin with the first question -- how we're different from wizards.  First off, we're not that different overall.  Both can do magic.  Both are separate from the Muggle world.  However, wizards rely upon wands to focus their magical energy, and Elves are taught how to channel it through themselves, using our thoughts and sometimes our hands, if needed.  Also, Elves live much longer than wizards, who live much longer than Muggles.  You might have noticed I have a daughter younger than you."

Harry had, though he'd forgotten until right now.  "You don't look like a great-uncle," he murmured.

Arwen smiled.  "Elves seldom look their true age.  Once we hit the age of heritage -- sixteen, our bodies begin responding to the passage of time in drastically slower ways.  Physically, I'm probably comparable to a man in his mid-40s.  But at my last birth celebration, I reached 113 years of age.  My hair won't change color and my skin won't wrinkle until I live at least 200 years, and even then, I won't look 'old' until I'm closer to 600 years of age.  Most Elves leave this life around 800."

Harry gaped at him.  "How many Elves like that did I just meet?"

Arwen considered for a second.  "We have three honored Elves in our village."

"Merlin," Harry breathed.  "Does that mean I'll live that long too?"

"Barring unnatural circumstances, yes."

Remus gave Arwen a look at that, as Harry glanced away.  "You mean, like Voldemort."

There was a silence, and then Arwen sighed.  "I seriously doubt Voldemort could possibly harm you, Harry.  Not if you accept your heritage."

"Why not?  He's the most powerful wizard in modern days, or so Dumbledore says."  He still wouldn't look at them.  He couldn't bear to see the pity in their eyes.

Remus touched Harry's arm.  "Harry, Dumbledore doesn't know everything.  I know it seems like that, but despite his many years of experience, he knows little of the Dark Elves.  He had no idea Lily or James were Elves, in fact."

That got Harry's attention, and he turned to Remus, surprised to find his kind eyes holding sympathy but nothing resembling pity.  "He didn't?"

"No.  Lily didn't trust him quite like James did -- and James didn't want anyone to know.  I wouldn't have known, I don't think, if it wasn't for Sirius.  Even at his best, Sirius wasn't great with secrets."

Harry thought about that.  "Why would anyone turn this down?  Why did my dad?"

Remus sighed.  "I don't know for sure.  Your dad never discussed this with me, Harry.  Lily, of course, didn't turn it down.  She was so excited to welcome her heritage --"

"Wait a minute.  You just said Voldemort couldn't kill me, but he killed my mum.  And she was a Dark Elf too!"  Harry was furious -- why would Arwen lie to him about this?!

Arwen shook his head.  "Your mum sacrificed herself for you, Harry.  That's what I meant -- Voldemort couldn't possibly kill you on his own.  He'd need your 'permission', so to speak.  Your mum gave herself to Voldemort, knowing that her death would protect you far more than her life.  If your father had accepted his heritage and the two had an Elven bond, your father could have called on that bond and saved all three of you.  Voldemort wouldn't have had a chance."

Harry stared at him, the light growing dim enough he couldn't see the expression there clearly.  Finally, he managed to say, "How -- are you sure?"

Remus nodded, his hand tightening on Harry's arm.  "We can't know, of course, what might have been.  But yes, if they'd had the strength of the Elven Bond, they could have fought Voldemort.  Your mum knew that, Harry, but she also knew it was too late, that your dad had already turned it away."

Harry turned his attention back to the water below, which seemed to be shimmering.  He didn't ask, though, why that was.  "Can I have some time to think about this?"

"Of course."  Arwen stood, and Remus followed.  "We'll wait for you at the bottom of the hill."

They left, and Harry pulled the grass through his fingers, considering it all.  In the end, he knew two things:  one, he'd never turn his back on this; and two, he had to find an Elf to marry someday.  He wondered vaguely if Ginny might have Elf blood in her, then realized it didn't matter.  He didn't want Ginny.  Or Cho, for that matter.  He couldn't think of any girl he knew who felt right.  "I guess I have to keep looking," he whispered to himself.  "I hope I have time to do that."


Below, the two man paused, looking up at the still figure.  "I think you told him too much," Remus said.  "I don't want him blaming James for Lily's death."

"Even though it's his fault?" Arwen asked, his usually calm voice holding an edge of frustration.  "Harry should know the truth.  And he should know that once he finds his mate, Voldemort doesn't stand a chance."

Remus could see Harry clearly with his wolf eyes -- he saw the pensive look on Harry's face, and noticed him mouthing some words.  "How do you know his mate is an Elf?" he asked.

Arwen chuckled.  "We don't have Seers like the wizards, you know, but we do have flashes of the future.  Our wisest has dreamt of Harry Potter, and in those dreams, he had a mate.  Whether or not Harry will find and love this person, we have yet to see.  But rarely are the flashes mistaken.  In fact, we believe the Dreamer is traveling into the future."

"But they only see one possible future, no?" Remus asked.

"You are very wise, my friend," Arwen said, chuckling.  "Yes, there could be another future.  But Harry is an important person to all magical beings, as you know, and our Dreamer has dreamt of him often.  Each time he was with the same mate -- someone who complements him in every possible way."

Remus turned his attention from Harry.  "You don't sound that sure of yourself."

Arwen shrugged.  "Well.  It's possible that Harry's mate is someone he'd never consider.  I trust it's someone at school -- another part-Elf, actually.  Whether or not they will connect is anyone's guess."

"Will you tell me who it is?"

"I don't know.  We like to leave this type of thing to fate's hands." 

But Remus could tell that Arwen wanted to do more, that he wanted to admit it.  "Perhaps it's fate that you tell me," Remus said.

After a long pause, and only when Harry had stood and started down the hill toward him, did Arwen break.  "It's a boy," he breathed.  "A boy with white-blonde hair and silvery grey eyes."

Jae's Drabble Challenge

Challenge:  Watch this!
Pairings:  early H/D, early R/P
Rating: G
Time Period:  8th year, EWE
Word Count:  469

"Hey, Harry!" Ron waved from his broom where he and Blaise were engaged in a pick-up game.

Harry waved back, though once he realized a certain blond was missing, his interest waned.  Where was he?  Hermione still liked to call him obsessed, and she harped on it often.  But Harry wasn't obsessed -- no, he just had this need to get to know Malfoy better.  He hadn't been able to get it out of his head how both Malfoy's parents had done such an about-face at the end of all their time spent with Voldemort -- all for their son.

Harry knew parents loved their kids, but the love evident there for Malfoy stunned him.  He had to know why...and it didn't hurt that the blond was so gorgeous, either.  Harry walked on, along the side of the Quidditch pitch, his cheeks flushing, his eyes on his feet.  Oomph!  He gasped as he ploughed into another body.

"Watch it -- oh, sorry."  Pansy Parkinson pulled back from the collision, her skin burning red.  She avoided his eyes.  "I didn't see you."

Harry sighed.  With all the 8th years in the same dorm room, Pansy couldn't exactly avoid him after her performance during the Battle last spring -- and he'd already heard her stilted apologies, such as they were.  "No problem."  Suddenly he realized that she was out here alone too.  "What are you doing here?"

To his surprise, her blush darkened.  "Nothing.  Just taking a walk."

"Pansy!" came Ron's voice.  "Hey, Pansy.  Watch this!" 

She turned, her face brightening a bit, her eyes following Ron as he spun in a circle before the hoop.  A smile teased her lips.  "Yeah, yeah.  Now you'll be dizzier than usual, Weasley."

Ron laughed, and Harry blinked.  What was going on here?  He started to turn back to Pansy when he caught of glimpse of pale blond hair across the field -- and grey eyes which stared not at Ron and Blaise, not at Pansy, but right into his.  With a hint of a smile, Malfoy dipped his head a bit, his gaze never leaving Harry's.

Harry held his breath, then gave a slight gesture with his head toward the stands beyond them, raising his brows in question.  The smile on that slightly pointy face widened as Malfoy began ambling toward the stands.  Harry couldn't hold back a grin as he jogged to join him.

"Hey," he said, slightly breathless as he sat, being sure to get close enough to touch.

Malfoy smirked.  "Hey, yourself."  They both leaned back on their elbows and looked at the sky.  Harry started to catch his breath, until Draco's elbow nudged his, the fingers of that hand brushing over Harry's.  "Nice afternoon," Draco added.

Harry grabbed the fingers before they could move away.  "Yes, it certainly is."

Burning out the Dark, 2

Burning out the Dark, 2/?
AU, Harry/Draco
Starts after OOP
JKR owns them; I'm just having a little fun (not for profit)

Chapter Two

"What?"  Harry stared at Remus, sure he'd misheard.

"You're a Dark Elf, Harry.  You'll come into your magical inheritance when you turn sixteen, and I promised your mum --" He broke off as a man appeared next to him.  "Arwen!"  Remus grinned and hugged the man.

Harry looked on, still in shock.  His surprise increased when he saw the pointed ears on the 'man' and realized he must be an Elf.  His dark hair fell just past his shoulders, and his skin had a similar tone to Harry's.  He wasn't overly tall -- a couple inches shorter than Remus, but he looked strong and wiry.

"This is Harry," Remus said, a real smile on his face for the first time since Sirius died.

Harry held out his hand, strangely nervous. 

The man -- Elf -- took it in both of his.  "Harry James Potter," he said, his tenor voice rich and full.  "How wonderful to meet at long last."

Harry glanced at Remus, confused.  "You know me?"

"I'm Arwen, your great-uncle -- of course, I know you."

"My great-uncle."  Harry swallowed, wondering if Remus had slipped him a potion or something to make him dream or hallucinate.  Arwen laughed, as if he could read Harry's mind.

"Listen, you're probably feeling a bit strange right now.  Why don't we go to the village, and after you've rested, we'll talk."  He held out his arm, as if ushering them into a room.  Harry didn't see anything, though, except the grey peaks and summer-washed green hills.  Then Remus pulled Harry with him into Arwen's outstretched arm, and everything shimmered.  When Harry could see clearly again, they stood in the midst of stone cottages along the grassy knolls, still bordered by the mountains beyond.

"What happened?" Harry asked.  "Did we Apparate or something?"

"Elf magic," Arwen said, with a wink.  "The village is invisible in every way to non-Elves.  Once you come into your heritage, you'll be able to see it, though."

"My heritage?"  Harry looked between the two men.  "I'm not an Elf.  I think there's some mistake."

"No mistake, Harry," Remus said, as a young female Elf danced up, her face alight. 

"Papa!" she cried, throwing her arms around Arwen.

"I've been out a bit," he explained.  "They don't know you're coming."  He raised his voice.  "We have guests."

Immediately, dozens of Elves appeared, coming from within the cottages or the hills behind them.  Harry blinked, still thinking Remus had done something to him.  This couldn't be real.

Arwen laughed again, probably at the stupid expression on Harry's face.  "Come, you must be tired."  He led Harry and Remus into one of the nearby cottages, everyone smiling and nodding as Harry went by.  "This is your home while you're here.  We'll keep you safe, and later tonight, we'll talk."  He showed Harry a back room with a soft-looking bed.  Remus pulled out the shrunken trunk and returned it to size, setting it against the wall at the end of the bed.

"Rest, Harry," Remus said.  "Arwen and I need to talk.  Stay here until I return, even if you don't sleep.  All right?"

Harry didn't want to -- he wanted to understand what was going on.  But something in Remus's eyes reminded him that Remus didn't have to do this -- that he could have forced Harry to stay with the Dursleys.  "Fine," Harry said, sitting on the bed.  He laid down, not planning to sleep.  He wasn't a baby, after all, who needed naps.  But as soon as the sound of their voices faded, the sounds of the last fight filled Harry's mind.  He heard the screams, the taunts, and saw the final look of shock as Sirius slipped through the Veil.  Harry squeezed his eyes shut, fighting the sorrow, the anger, the pain.

He must have fallen asleep, because when he opened his eyes again, the light had changed into that deep gold that came in the summer evenings, especially this far north.  He sat up, surprised at how much better he felt.  Remus told him to stay put, but surely he could explore the cottage.  He left his room and wandered around, finding a bathroom with a large tub (with clawed feet even), a short flight of stairs to a lofty area above, a living area, and a kitchen.  The loft area held a bed, also, and he wondered if that's where Remus would stay.  As he came down the stairs, Remus came through the front door.

"Harry.  Good, you're awake.  Come on out -- everyone's getting ready for dinner."

"Everyone?" Harry asked, following Remus outside.  Then he stilled, again surprised by what he saw.  A group of Elves worked on the hillside, not too far away.  They stood around a large oven-like structure, pulling out flat boards with breads, vegetables, and some kinds of meat on them.  Others standing nearby took the food and split it among wooden bowls; from there, the bowls were handed out to everyone within range.  "They always eat like this?" Harry asked.

"In this village they do," Remus said.  "At least they have every time I've been here."

"Oh."  When they'd gotten their bowls and wooden utensils -- a smooth, dark wood like Harry'd not seen before -- they sat at one of the smooth stone tables set randomly throughout the village.  Arwen joined them soon after they started. 

"You look well rested, Harry.  Once we've eaten, I'll take you through our village and into the upper hills.  There we can talk, all right?"

Harry nodded, his mouth full of meat and vegetables, all cooked in an interesting blend of spicy and sweet.  He'd never tasted anything like it -- but it was delicious.  It didn't take him long, and by the time Remus had also finished, Harry was getting impatient again.  Arwen gave him a look, an amused smile on his face.  "Shall we?"

Remus joined them, to Harry's relief.  He wasn't quite ready to be alone with Arwen yet, great-uncle or not.  They wandered among the tables and cottages, everyone smiling or saying a warm hello.  They slowly climbed up the hillside, passing the outdoor oven, a large fire pit, an area filled with what looked like stone tools and work benches, and then higher still past a few more cottages.  When they reached the crest of the hill, the village lay mostly below them, spread out in grey-stone simplicity.  "It's pretty neat," Harry said, breaking their silence.  "I mean, I like how the cottages match the mountains behind us."

Arwen grinned.  "But of course," he said.  "We used the stone from the mountains -- smoothed it and cut it ourselves with Elven magic."  He gestured at the soft-looking grass.  "Let's sit.  This could take a while."  The sun was angling behind them, getting ready to drop below the peaks.  The water in the valley sparkled and shone, and Harry didn't think he'd every seen anything quite so lovely before.

"So, I'm a Dark Elf, huh?" he said, tearing at a blade of grass.

"You are," Remus said.  "You get the heritage from both your mum and dad, actually.  Arwen here is your great-grandmother's brother -- your dad's grandmother.  Your mum's tribe is also on Skye, but not our village.  Like all Elves, your parents came into their heritage when they turned sixteen -- but your dad refused it.  He had the Potter pride sometimes, and he didn't want to be different from Sirius, mostly.  Since he and your mum weren't together by then, he didn't know that she was an Elf too."

"Wait."  Harry took a deep breath, trying to understand.  "My mum was Muggle-born.  How could she possible have Elf blood?"

Arwen spoke up.  "Your mum's great-great-grandfather left his tribe.  He wanted to live in the wizarding world, and he met his mate out there and married her.  But when she died in child-birth, in his grief, he gave his baby to a Muggle couple, his wife's brother.  The Elven heritage remained recessive until your mum, the first Evans child with magic."

"She knew?" Harry asked, shocked.  He'd seen the memory of his mum in Snape's mind, and she didn't have pointed ears.  "Did she refuse too?"

"No.  She accepted it," Remus said quickly.  "Lily loved the magical world, was fascinated by it.  She wore a glamour to conceal her changed features, and James never knew.  It was the only thing she kept from him -- and in hindsight, it's too bad she didn't reveal herself.  Who knows how things might have been different."

"What do you mean?  And how do you know all this?"

Remus sighed.  "I met Lily on my own, you know -- not only through James.  Lily and I were friends, just like Severus and I were."

"What??"  Harry leaned away from Remus, disgusted.  "How can you be friends with him?  He turned you in!"

"He's not perfect, by any means - -but then neither am I."  Remus rubbed his hands on his knees.  "Can we talk about that part later?  Right now, what's important is that your mum told me about her Elf heritage when she learned I was a werewolf.  She wanted me to know that I wasn't the only magical creature at Hogwarts."  He gave a sad smile.  "She was kind that way -- like you are, Harry."

Harry stared at the water as the sun's rays slowly moved further away.  Was it really possible that he knew his parents even less than he'd thought?  Would he ever understand them or know what they were like?  He hated this feeling of being so separate from them, of feeling once again like an orphan, alone in the world.

Remus talked on.  "She told me she was a Dark Elf, and she made me promise to bring you here when you turned sixteen, so you could see for yourself the heritage within you.  So you could make an informed decision when your time comes."