hdwriter (hdwriter) wrote,

Oi, I'm behind

I do want to archive my stories here, but I'm so behind.  However, that's my goal for this summer -- to catch up.  :)

  • Stalking Harry, Part Two

    He sighed. How did you go after something that those closest to you would never accept? He was starting to get the impression that Ron suspected…

  • Burning out the Dark, 3/9-10

    Burning out the Dark, 3/9-10 AU, Harry/Draco Starts after OOP PG-13 JKR owns them; I'm just having a little fun (not for profit) Chapter Three…

  • Jae's Drabble Challenge

    Challenge: Watch this! Pairings: early H/D, early R/P Rating: G Time Period: 8th year, EWE Word Count: 469 "Hey, Harry!" Ron waved from…

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