hdwriter (hdwriter) wrote,

Jae's Drabble Challenge

Challenge:  Watch this!
Pairings:  early H/D, early R/P
Rating: G
Time Period:  8th year, EWE
Word Count:  469

"Hey, Harry!" Ron waved from his broom where he and Blaise were engaged in a pick-up game.

Harry waved back, though once he realized a certain blond was missing, his interest waned.  Where was he?  Hermione still liked to call him obsessed, and she harped on it often.  But Harry wasn't obsessed -- no, he just had this need to get to know Malfoy better.  He hadn't been able to get it out of his head how both Malfoy's parents had done such an about-face at the end of all their time spent with Voldemort -- all for their son.

Harry knew parents loved their kids, but the love evident there for Malfoy stunned him.  He had to know why...and it didn't hurt that the blond was so gorgeous, either.  Harry walked on, along the side of the Quidditch pitch, his cheeks flushing, his eyes on his feet.  Oomph!  He gasped as he ploughed into another body.

"Watch it -- oh, sorry."  Pansy Parkinson pulled back from the collision, her skin burning red.  She avoided his eyes.  "I didn't see you."

Harry sighed.  With all the 8th years in the same dorm room, Pansy couldn't exactly avoid him after her performance during the Battle last spring -- and he'd already heard her stilted apologies, such as they were.  "No problem."  Suddenly he realized that she was out here alone too.  "What are you doing here?"

To his surprise, her blush darkened.  "Nothing.  Just taking a walk."

"Pansy!" came Ron's voice.  "Hey, Pansy.  Watch this!" 

She turned, her face brightening a bit, her eyes following Ron as he spun in a circle before the hoop.  A smile teased her lips.  "Yeah, yeah.  Now you'll be dizzier than usual, Weasley."

Ron laughed, and Harry blinked.  What was going on here?  He started to turn back to Pansy when he caught of glimpse of pale blond hair across the field -- and grey eyes which stared not at Ron and Blaise, not at Pansy, but right into his.  With a hint of a smile, Malfoy dipped his head a bit, his gaze never leaving Harry's.

Harry held his breath, then gave a slight gesture with his head toward the stands beyond them, raising his brows in question.  The smile on that slightly pointy face widened as Malfoy began ambling toward the stands.  Harry couldn't hold back a grin as he jogged to join him.

"Hey," he said, slightly breathless as he sat, being sure to get close enough to touch.

Malfoy smirked.  "Hey, yourself."  They both leaned back on their elbows and looked at the sky.  Harry started to catch his breath, until Draco's elbow nudged his, the fingers of that hand brushing over Harry's.  "Nice afternoon," Draco added.

Harry grabbed the fingers before they could move away.  "Yes, it certainly is."
Tags: harry/draco

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